Dr. Nisha, Dr. Rosie & Dr. Anneke from the UK

The three of us arrived at the Delek at the beginning of March after having completed two years of postgraduate training in the UK. Instead of immediately pursuing specialty training, we were all keen to gain overseas medical experience by volunteering abroad. Dr Rosie previously visited Dharamshala and had heard about Delek Hospital. When we looked at the website, we saw that the hospital was urgently looking for volunteer doctors and we saw why when we arrived. Dr. Tsetan Sadutshang and Dr. Kunchok Dorjee had spent the preceding months providing 24 hour cover between them!
We were warmly welcomed by all the staff at Delek and started work immediately, providing Dr. Tsetan and Dr. Kunchok with a well deserved break. The nursing team were invaluable to us throughout our stay, initially by introducing us to the day to day working of the hospital, and then translating and assisting throughout our stay, and generally keeping everybody’s spirits up.
For the first month, we were the only doctors on the Rota, and we concentrated our efforts on understanding this distinct population and their unique medical needs. Soon after, the first of the new Tibetan doctors arrived, Dr. Tsundue, and we changed our focus to supporting him and instigating more long term solutions for patient management, including an Admission Proforma and follow up protocols for the many patients with Diabetes, Hypertension and Hepatitis B.
Over the next few weeks we were joined by a further two Tibetan doctors, Dr. Rangjung and Dr. Lhundup, as well as two visiting consultants from America, Dr. Raja Rao and Dr. Tom Lambert. Dr. Raja is a well traveled radiologist who spent two weeks teaching us about ultrasonography and image interpretation, which was both interesting and extremely useful. Dr. Tom has been assisting Delek for several years now and together we turned our attention towards improving the emergency service provision for the community. This involved making a folder of Emergency Protocols that were specifically relevant to the hospital and the availability of drugs. We also ran practical sessions on emergency management with both the nurses and doctors.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Delek and were privileged to meet many unforgettable characters, both staff and patients alike. We found the Tibetan community to be highly compassionate, motivated and open minded. It was an honour to work at such a well respected establishment, under the supervision of two excellent physicians, Dr. Tsetan’s 30 years of service and dedication to the community and Dr. Kunchok’s outstanding contribution to TB management and public health, have proved an inspiration to us. 

We would like to thank everyone who made our three months both rewarding and educational. We look forward to seeing the outcome of the ongoing development projects and we are extremely glad that the community now has a strong team of Tibetan doctors to manage the hospital.
We hope to be able to assist Delek Hospital further in the future. 

Dr Rosie, Dr Anneke & Dr Nisha